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Kips Gymnastics

SINCE 1966


4622 E. LA PALMA AVE. ANAHEIM, CA 92807--------- 714-779-1888


145 RADIO ROAD---------CORONA, CA 92879 ------ 951-734-1888


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Proposed Meet Schedule 2018

 January 12th-14th-California Grand Invitational, Anaheim, California
January 26th-28th-San Diego Classic, San Diego California
February 2nd-4th– Gliders Invitational
March 2nd-4th-Long Beach Open, Long Beach Convention Center, CA
March 16th-18th-Level 6-10 State Championships, location: San Diego, CA
March 23rd-25th-Xcel State Championships, location TBA
April 13th-15th-Level 8-10 Regionals, Reno, Nevada
April 20th-22nd-Level 6/7 Regionals, Chandler Arizona
Xcel Regionals (Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond levels ONLY) Salt Lake City, Utah
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